The last sitting of ULIM’s Senate of the current academic year

ULIM’s Senate gathered for the last time this year. The analyze of sociological study based on the opinion survey of the students on the quality of university processes, the proposal of policies on the international students of ULIM and the approval of the schedule for the university year 2017-2018 – there are the important issued that were analyzed.

The results of the study on the quality of university processes, realized by the members of Students Senate aim at identifying the prospect on: 1. Fields they consider as favorable and weak points of services and facilities provided to the students in the university and 2. The fields they consider as important for their satisfaction.

The registered results are an input for the elaboration of the development strategy of the university by the orientation of the actions toward deficient aspects, observed by the students within each faculty. Plus, the students feedback represent an important element for the internal assessment of the university activity.

The second subject on the agenda of the Senate’s Sitting was the international students of ULIM. The international students community, who make their studies at ULIM, represent 23 nationalities, contributing significantly to the internationalization process of our university. Many international students come from Romania, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Congo, Qatar, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, South Korea, etc.

ULIM promotes in the relations with its students of different states a climate characterized by quality of provided educational services and competence. The principles that regulate the activity of international students within the international community are: non-discrimination principle, principle of right to support and free additional services, principle of participating at decision-making process, principle of freedom of expression and principle of transparence and access to information.

Within the same sitting, by the Senate’s Decision, for valuable contribution and notorious merits in the didactic-scientific activity, Mr. Manoli Ion, associate professor at the Faculty of Letters, was awarded with the Diploma of Mention. The ULIM’s Medal was awarded to Dr. Natalia Burlacu, university professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Valeriu Baesu, lecturer at the Faculty of Law. ULIM Order was awarded to Mrs. Olga Benes, educator of the Faculty of Law.

At the end of the sitting, the head of Academic Support Office, Aurel Bordeian, read the order on the approval of university year schedule 2017-2018. The academic community of ULIM was notified by the Director of International Cooperation Center, Valentina Ciumacenco, on the fact that our university became a full member of the Silk Road Alliance of the Business Institutions of China and Central and Eastern Europe Countries.