Public lecture held at ULIM within the International Campaign “16 days of activism against violence”

On December 4th, 2018, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection(MHLSP) in partnership the Police Inspectorate have organized at ULIM a public lecture for students within the International Campaign “16 days of activism against violence”, 2018.

By her opening speech of the event, Haraz Svetlana, head of the Department of Social Assistance and Sociology “Nicolae Sali” has mentioned the importance of these kind of thematic seminars for the information and the awareness of the population about the domestic violence. Marina Pripa, the main consultant at the Directorate of policies ensuring the equality between women and men, MHLSP, has spoken to the students during the lecture about the prevention and combat against domestic violence, about the reasons determining the commission of crimes in family relations and their effects, about specialized services of social assistance: “Consequences of domestic violence may be different, but the most important are: serious injuries of body integrity, the growth of a child in a violent environment, manifested through the appearance of fear feelings, shame, mistrust, anger, low self-esteem or depression and the fact that the minor might think about violence as a normality in the family, being exposed to the risk of becoming a future aggressor”.

According to the main specialist of General Directorate of Public Security within General Police Inspectorate, Ghemadie Neamtu, 5 forms of violence are perceived: physical, psychological, economic, sexual and spiritual. There were identified during the discussions with the students the myths and the prejudgments of domestic violence met in our society. “There are two types of protection against all forms of violence: Restriction order of emergency, issued by police and Protection order, issued by the instance according to the civil and criminal procedures”, declared Mr. Ghenadie Neamtu. All students were informed about the centers that provide support and protection to the victims of domestic violence. The persons that are suffering from domestic violence may request support by calling the helpline 0 8008 8008.

ULIM is an institution that shares and promotes the human values and supports the initiatives and the measures organized for the transmission of the message of the Campaign 2018: #HearMeToo End violence against Woman and Girls (Stop violence agaisnt women and girls).

The International Campaign „16 days of activism against violence” was initiated by the Center for Woman’s Global Leadership (CWGL) in 1991.

Press Service, ULIM