A new doctor thesis at ULIM provides practical mechanisms for justice’s reform

The recent public defense of doctor thesis by Mr. Mihai Sorbala, entitled Criminal liability for illegal detention or arrest of the person was a remarkable event in the context of justice reformation and the alignment of the legislation of the Republic of Moldova to EU standards. It is one of less serious scientific researches in the field of criminal liability for committing the illegal detention or arrest. Mr. Mihail Sorbala made the Licentiate, Master and Doctorate higher Education at ULIM, becoming one of the most representative jurists of the Republic of Moldova. He had as scientific adviser Mr. Alexei Barbaneagra, Doctor of Applied Science, university professor.

The main objective of the author is related to the assessment of criminal policy during the implementation of Association Agreement between the republic of Moldova and EU regarding the protection of the most important rights – person’s freedom in the state’s jurisprudence, in the process of person’s detention or arrest; the elaboration of proposal for improving the legislation on the basis of Constitutional Court and ECHR standards jurisprudence.

The scientific novelty, the results of the research, the conclusions and recommendations of Mr. Mihail Sorbala, exposed in his Doctor thesis, are appreciated by the specialists as practical mechanisms that may be applied in the reform of justice system. For more details,, follow the link.

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